Bryan Cranston as Jesse Pinkman and Aaron Paul as Walter White. Brilliant costume ideas.
me at age 12: ew older men
now: wow he's only 30?


*tells friend good news* 

friend: “yeah but…” 



the main thing i hate about christmas is the fact i am too poor to buy lovely gifts for all the sweet people in my life that deserve them

On the internet: Ugh I hate people so much
Applying for a job: I love working with people and I'm very sociable


the rise and fall


me2 crewmate: *runs directly in front of me while i’m shooting*

me2 crewmate: friendly fire shepard!!




when McGonagall finds out that Ginny is pregnant, and that the Weasley and Potter bloodlines will converge, she marks on her calender the day the child will turn 11 and that is the day she retires 

You expect a girl or a woman to look beautiful, flawless skin etc. and yet if a girl/woman refreshes her makeup publicly, she’ll be called barbie or a painted whore.

At best she’s thought of as self-centered person.

Guess what, bitch. Some of them do it for themselves and it’s not your job to judge it. Some may be attention seeking but the rest is about feeling good and rising up low self esteem. And it surely doesn’t make them self-centered barbie dolls.
What an idea, eh?